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Disaster Recovery & Victim Identification (DRVI)

This unique application combines f2’s full and partial face recognition, full and partial tattoo recognition, and corpse identification to facilitate the identification of disaster victims who may well have suffered major injuries to their face and body.

While there is no limit to the number of victims that the system can work with, for major disasters in remote areas the focus, at least initially, can be on getting vital services up and running as soon as possible, and therefore on identifying the key personnel who themselves are victims and have to be replaced with the minimum of delay. Examples include emergency responders, the police, the military, government ministers, religious leaders, etc.

While DRVI can be connected directly to existing HR systems (in read-only mode) it includes a copy of Microsoft SQL Server Express so if necessary a key personnel database can easily be created to hold the necessary details. These will include a frontal photo, personal data, and the name of their deputy/replacement so they can be replaced quickly. DRVI can be integrated into an existing system or used as a stand-alone/networked application.

When a key building incurs substantial damage, emergency responders at the scene can use their cellphone cameras to capture facial shots of victims as well as any distinguishing features like scars, marks, and tattoos, and transmit (or carry) these back to headquarters for identification. Once identified their replacement will be called in to take over as soon as possible.

Partially damaged face with the good eye closed, overlaid on a template