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Multiple Record Detection

A major problem with almost any database containing records of people is that the same individual can have made multiple applications (e.g. for driver’s licenses, entitlement cards, etc), or have been arrested for a number of different crimes, using a different name each time. Face Forensics is specifically designed to enable instances of this to be easily identified. This applies to multiple records in the same database, and across different databases. The databases can use different database systems, for example one can use Oracle, a second can use DB2, while a third can use SQL Server. The process involves first automatically encoding all the facial images in one of the databases. Then each image in the other database is encoded and matched against each in the first. While this can take some time (depending upon the size of the databases) the process is fully automatic and can be left to run until the task is complete. All possible matches, i.e. above a user-defined threshold, are sent to a separate folder for subsequent review.

Face Forensics is available as an application or .NET SDK. It runs under 64-bit Windows 10. It will access Oracle, SQL Server and  DB2 databases.  An evaluation version is available.